Learn how to clean out the crap keeping you from

creating your Soul-Guided Confidence

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You’ve been working on building your self-confidence for as long as you can remember.


You’re read a bunch of books, watched some youtube videos, even try to copycat what you see on Instagram. 


And despite everything you’ve learned about creating confidence, 


You still struggle with actually FEELING confident. 


You feel like you’ll never feel like the women you admire, that you’re wasting your time chasing something unattainable, and self-confidence isn’t for you…


Pick your chin up, my love.


Cuz I know under all that doubt, you also know that you are special.


You could stay and wallow in this “I’m not gonna be enough” lake, or you can start swimming up stream!


You are ready to sparkle with vibrant self-confidence!!


But you keep asking yourself: how??

How will I ever get the courage to finally step into my full freaking power??

I know you because I was you.

My name is Amber Rose and I teach classes on creating self-confidence and commanding self-respect. I now call myself a Confident Queen but...it wasn’t always this way. 

I spent years of my life hating whom I was, wishing I could be someone else. 

I pretended to have confidence and only really felt confident if someone was praising me. I spent my days faking to be someone I wasn’t for those little bits of external validation.  Because of that, I never felt fulfilled. I didn’t feel happy. 


I realized I was wasting my beautiful and precious life and decided I needed to figure out how to create my own self-confidence and begin validating myself. 


The techniques you will learn in this live series will teach you the exact path I took to commanding my confidence, starting with weeding out and cleaning up all the garbage programming you’ve learned about being a confident woman.

CUYC Video_Landing graphics.png


The week that Clean-Up Your Confidence drops, I'll be hosting a private class to go through the lessons of each video.

November 9th -13th

Join us by meeting us in the Facebook group

Watch the class Live or enjoy the replays on your own time.


This is the only time you'll be able to hop on and ask me any questions you have about cleaning up garbage thinking and believing so you can start building soul-guided self-confidence!


I'll see you in there! xo Amber Rose