Lemme Guess

Going on social media these days leaves you feeling drained and disconnected.

Girl, I've been there - for sure! 

Here's why: 

1. You're not exactly sure what kind of experience you wanna have on social media, so you take whatever is given (and it ain't always good!) 

2. You're draining your energy spending mindless time online without purpose.

3. The people you follow or have friended kill your vibe! You got haters, trolls, and negative commenters or you're following people who make you negatively compare your life and your business to theirs. 

Ready to have a better experience online? Heck yes you are!

Pillar 1 -

Follow the Feels

Figure out what kind of experience you want to have online. yes, you get to choose this! This pillar will help you figure out what do you want to feel on social media and how can you cultivate an environment that brings more of that to you.

Pillar 2 -

Reclaim Your Time


Not only will this pillar help you reclaim your time, it will also help you climb out of the scroll hole! Your time is precious. Learn how to overcome the social media burnout by taking back control of the time you spend online.


This class is designed to help you heal the social media wound to allow you to begin cultivating a healthy relationship with all your social media platforms.

Check out the course outline below:

PIllar 3 -

Break It Up

When you start building a new relationship, it helps to break up with the old thoughts patterns, and habits that made your previous relationship fail. This pillar helps you dive deep into the changes you'll establish in order to start building a stronger, brighter, more high vibe community.

PIllar 4 -

All About ABC

Align // Build // Connect

Now that you've done the nitty gritty, it's time to align your social media with your current desired feelings, build your accounts and pages to align with that feeling, and connect with your community! This pillar will show you have to find Your People!!

Create the Community you want

Your social media is an extension of your real life.

It's time to align your online space with the energy you want to have offline. It'll take a bit of rearranging but by the end of it, your social media will feel like a warm hug and a fist bump! 

You've evolved and you're ready to evolve your social media presence with it.

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Hi! I'm Amber Rose

I'm so excited to be teaching this class. Social media is one of my favorite places to hang out! My intention is to help you create a positive online environment that you love being in and love inviting people to. 

I hope you'll join this class! I know this work can help you, and maybe, you can share it with someone you know dealing with the same thing.

We are stronger together and after this class, you'll be stronger than you thought you could ever be. I can't wait to meet you! Save your spot above. 

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