Imposter Syndrome got you feeling stuck? 

Join this free 4-day online workshop as we talk about the 4 types of imposter syndrome that affect high-achieving women and learn 

How to get the f*ck over them!

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What will you be learning?

There are three parts to this workshop where we will take a comprehensive look  at how Imposter Syndrome affects you personally. 


Identify the voices of your imposter syndrome and describe how they talk to you


Uncover why your imposter is saying these things and understand the ultimate impact it has on you and your success


Learn how to address these thoughts so you can begin moving past them in a healthy and supportive way

Hi! I'm Amber Rose

I'm so excited to be hosting this workshop! I know so many amazing women who are driven, climbing high, shaking sh*t up, being a BOSS only to get stuck behind Imposter Syndrome. It hits hard, it takes us down, but it doesn't have to.


I hope you'll check it out! I know this work can help you, and maybe, you can share it with someone you know dealing with the same thing.

We are stronger together and after this workshop, you'll be stronger than you thought you could ever be. I can't wait to meet you! Save your spot above. 

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