3 Reasons You Haven't Started Yet

You want to create something




Scrollin' around, especially here on social media,

the idea of creating something impactful and unique can seem almost impossible!

Is that part of why you haven't done it yet?

I know, social media can be the killer of creation sometimes,

but honestly, that idea is being crushed before you even hoped online

1. Other people are already doing it so why even try?

(Comparison game, much?)

2. You feel like you're not ______ enough.

Experienced Enough

Popular Enough

Smart Enough

Skilled Enough.

All the enoughs, huh?

3. You just don't know where to start.

All these are pretty common.

So what's the difference between people who start and people who don't:

When you realize the positive impact your creation can have on your community, your industry, your family -


It doesn't matter who may be doing it already, no one can do it LIKE YOU.


Enough is a limit people put in themselves cuz they have doubt and fear.

When you work from a place of expansion, there is not freakin' limit! You're always expanding.


You start by admitting it's kinda scary but - you ain't afraid of good ideas!

Rather than saying "I dunno where to start" you can say what would be my first steps towards creating this?

Allow your thoughts to be guided by the positive impact you can have by exposing your creation and flip your inner script!

Now - what do you want to create!!

You are uniquely you, so spill it!

You are enough and have enough to create it, so do it!

What are the first 3 steps to bringing this creation to life?

You can drop your creations in the comments,

I'd love to see what you allow to manifest

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