3 Steps to Bring Sticky-Note Ideas to Life

I’ve been seeing this photo a lot lately and it’s giving me ✨✨✨ goosey bumps.

I know I’m not the only badass babe with notebook upon notebook, stickies notes everywhere, chicken scratch on the back of bar napkins and old receipts. On any given day I find random ideas and reminders in jacket pockets, as book marks, shoved into the deep crevices of my purse! Every time I see this photo I wonder "what would happen if I gave these little ideas a birth story...?” I spent so much time thinking “this one is okay but....it’s just not good enough.”

Girl - good enough of what?

I’m forever grateful for the chapter in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert that reminds us that #ideas do not belong to us. They desire to co-create with us.

If an idea has found you, it means it desires co-creation with You.

Granted, not all of these ideas will come to life with you, that’s okay.

(Think of it like dating! You have initial attraction but after a time, you may find yourself breaking-up to find new partners. Totally okay and very normal.)

Here’s the thing: you never know what amazingness could unfold if you never give it a go.

Your mission, as you #begin to accept it,

is to take one of those ideas and give it a chance.

See, for many of us, it's not meeting the idea that is the hard part. It's organizing all the ideas enough to somehow implement them. Is it a process? Is it a project? A book? A class?

First step - get organized! The notebooks, the sticky notes, and scribbled napkins: put them in a place you can actually see them enough to use them. I like to use the project management tool Asana.

It allows you to organize your projects/idea in groups. Your work flow can be managed by a board where you move items from one stage to the next OR you can make a big to-do list, separating your to-dos into sections. There are lots of organizational apps like this one, Asana just happens to be my favorite (let me know when you meet my narwhal friend!)

Second Step - Which one of your ideas gets you most excited?! A lot of the time, the ideas itchy to come to life will also ignite excitement within you! Because they aren't on our current list we just let 'em sit around, piling up. Find one that gives you a lil peep and put a little time into it. Can you give it a few minutes each day? Couples hours a week? It doesn't need to be blasted out Right This Second but giving it some time could bring something really awesome to life!

Third Step - Think of it as an experiment. Or dating! Spend some time with it, see how it makes you feel. Is it flowing? Does it inspire you? Is it sparking new ideas? It's okay to play with your ideas and get to the point where, they just aren't jiving anymore. Always know you can bless and release - you aren't tied to any project that doesn't feel good. The important part is that you gave it a shot!

Some of these ideas will stick. Some of them will be so transformative, you won't want to let them go! (Ps. While in the midst of creating one class, I was sparked with an idea for a completely different project that has literally - captured my heart and been amazingly engaging!)

Sometimes our ideas catch us by surprise. Follow the spark, even if little by little, to see where it leads. You may just surprise yourself with what comes to life.

Eeekkk! So excited to see what you and your ideas co-create!

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