3 Ways Imposter Syndrome Imposes on High-Achieving Women

Imposter Syndrome - it's that nagging feeling that shows up whenever you are accomplishing your goals. It makes you feel like your successes don't belong to you. That everything you've achieved you didn't earn.

Despite the fact that you *are* doing the things and your competency is being validated, it robs you of your confidence. The more success you find, the more it tries to bring you down.

Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating to women who are attempting to take their work to the next level. It creeps into the corners of your mind and if you're not paying attention, it can begin to impact how you show up every day.

There are three ways that Imposter Syndrome imposes on high-achieving women. And of course, it all starts in the mind -

1. Thoughts

Imposter Syndrome usually starts as a thought:

"You got this promotion but you really don't know what you're doing. Don't f*ck it up!"

"You've started this new business but you'll probably run out of clients by next month."

"Do you really think you're smart enough to write a book?"

They are just downright mean! They take something amazing you've done or really want to do and make you feel like you're not good enough to do them. Left unchecked, these thoughts can quickly snowball into actions, or, lack of action.

2. Actions

Imposter thoughts actually knock on a door in your brain. You hear this thought from the other side of the door and most of us reach for the handle. We turn the knob, open the door, and let that thought right in. It makes itself at home and now, it's living in our head!

We give it range to get comfortable and the longer it hangs out, the more it begins to affect us. You begin to second guess yourself, you're unsure of what you know, it gets hard to make decisions. This is where you start acting up.

You can start to behave differently or out-of-character because you're now acting through the lens of the imposter inside your head.

"You got this promotion but you really don't know what you're doing. Don't f*ck it up!"

Imposed Action: You spend too much time wondering how you're gonna mess something up. Your perfectionist kicks in and you start stressing over whether it's perfect and then Whoops! You missed your deadline and now it's late! Not the best impression after a promotion.

"You've started this new business but you'll probably run out of clients by next month."

Imposed Action: You have a slow day, maybe two, and you decide to flip the whole table over. You don't post on social media, you don't market, you cancel that event you had planned and through these actions, you manifest the very imposter thought you didn't want to happen. Traffic slows and so do sales.

"Do you really think you're smart enough to write a book?"

Imposed Action: This is just that inner mean girl bullying you into believing you can't do something you wanna do. And she's such a good bully, you don't even bother to put pen to paper. This killer idea you had slowly dies. You think of it often as something awesome that could have been and regret it never was.

How we think directly correlates to what we do. What we do is a reflection of our outcomes. If our imposter thoughts depict our behaviors, then our imposter behaviors hinder our progress.

3. Progress

Imposter Syndrome imposes on our progress. Everything we've yet to achieve.

It keeps us playing small, feeling meek, and living life safe and sound inside our comfort zone. Ultimately, Imposter Sydrome is the voice of our Ego, attempting to keep us safe from potential harm, or in the case of us working warrior women, safe from failure.

It says these mean things to you when really what it's saying is "retreat to safety!"

Once you realize this, you can begin to make these thoughts less comfortable.

Maybe you open the door, let them in, and then show them the way right back out.

Maybe you crack the door, look at 'em for a second, and then shut the door without letting them in.

Maybe you hear them knocking and sing back "but you can't come iiiiiiinnnnn."

Each thought has it's own strength.

Some with barge right in without waiting for you to answer > You have the power to ask it to leave.

Some of them will have a strong, startling knock.

Others, a light tap of the knuckle.

How they knock may indicate how you respond. Just know, your power is in your response.

Which imposter thoughts impose on you the most?

How do they affect your actions?

What impact do those thoughts and actions have on your progress?

So, what do we say to our Imposter thoughts?

Everyone has feelings after a promotion, it's like you're starting a new job. We don't want to let people down, we want to do well, our performance means a lot of us. Take it one task at a time, just like the first day of any job. You'll be cruising in no time.

New businesses always need time to grow. One day at a time. One post at a time. One event at a time. Focus on giving and your business will grow.

Plenty of books have been written by plenty of different kinds of people. So sit down. Write it out. Then go from there. Don't worry about the outcome. Focus on the writing.

Do you find yourself thinking these thoughts and letting them overrun you?

Do the days get longer and harder because you're constantly battling Imposter Syndrome?

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