3 Ways to Uncover Your Personalized Confidence

Confidence is highly personalized - and I don't think we talk about that enough.

We use the term "self-confidence" as a blanket term over all different kinds of people. Do you ever wonder why there isn't a best-selling book titled "Read This Book and Get Endless Self-Confidence!" It's because we can't generalize something that is personalized to every individual.

What makes you feel confident is very likely something different than what makes me feel confident.

When we chase the idea of confidence based on someone else's standard, we end up feeling unaccomplished, deflated, and less-than the person we are chasing.

So how do you figure out what makes YOU confident? Let's start a list >>>

1. Think of your uniqueness. What is it about you that makes you a special human? What are your personal strengths? Try not to add qualities to the list that can change by circumstance - your body, your job, possessions, friends, etc. If you base you confidence in things that can change, your confidence changes with it, and not in a good way.

Think about your true qualities vs daily activities. This list should be the true essence of you as a person.

2. What are past experiences where you've felt like the most badass version of yourself? Or when you looked at a challenge and just *knew* you were going to dominate to victory. Being able to summon these experiences can bring back the mental state you were in when you accomplished them. Put a few of these on the list.

3. As you review this list, identify ways that you can begin living these qualities more often. How can you incorporate them into your daily life? What are your hopes and dreams? How can you begin confidently following them based on what you uncovered from this exercise?

This is a place for really calling forward your purpose, priorities, and passion. It's all YOURS ~ and the more you make decisions in your life from your true essence, your confidence will grow. In a world that encourage the concept of herding like sheep, please know the world needs your strength and purpose. Now is the time to step into your personalize self- confidence and allow the world to experience You.

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