Advice for Not Judging Ideas

Have you ever had an idea you were SO super stoked on, it was all you could think about?

It made you so excited you talked about it all the time shared it with all your friends and someone just - Shot it down immediately?

🗣That's dumb. 🗣I dunno, I guess it's okay. 🗣Yea, but, how? 🗣Haha, you really think you can do it?

Fucking stings, huh??

I've had plenty of ideas and dreams crushed under the weight of someone else's opinion. I reflect back on them sometimes and think

✨✨"wonder what could have happened if I wouldn't have listened to them..."✨✨

I do think this act of judging // squashing people's ideas is widely accepted behavior. Definitely doesn't need to be!

When I hear an idea I immediately want to judge or put down, I do this instead:

😁 I acknowledge the excitement the sharer has! They are telling you because they want you to share the feeling. So whether it's your jam or not, share the feeling with them!

🤗 Ask positive questions: "That is rad! Where did you get the idea?" "Awesome! What do you see as your first steps?" "Cool! Do you see this as a hobby? Or maybe something bigger?"

😎 Choose not to give feedback, just listen This pretty much goes back to: If you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say anything. If they want feedback, they’ll ask for it. If they are just sharing an idea, be present to the moment. You never know, you may be witnessing the first stages of something GREAT!

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