Creating Self-Confidence is an Inside Job, but, how do you do it?

They say that creating confidence is an inside job.

But how do you create confidence that you feel like you're already missing?

Self-confidence really comes from understanding what makes you happy. The things in this world that genuinely give you a sense of joy and enjoyment. Then proudly living those things.

If you want to create more confidence on the inside, then you need to figure out what things make you happy, give you a sense of comfort, and allow you to feel authentic in your self.

We live in a world that says "these 5 things will make you happy!" so you spend your life following them, hoping to get a grip on them (and happiness) or die trying.

Chasing those 5 things don't actually make *you* happy and you spend your life in misery.

Can you feel this?

Is this where you are right now?

If you are, I send you a big (((HUG))) cuz I have been there.

I know how soul crushing this can be.

But babe, it's not too late to get off this soul crushing hamster wheel chasing what "should" make you happy. You can actually start following what WILL make you happy.

These are the first steps towards figuring it out your happiness and start creating your self-confidence based on living happy:

(I suggest journaling this out)

1️⃣ What have you been following that doesn't make you happy?

2️⃣ What are the things that make you truly happy?

3️⃣ From the list at #2, is there anything that you think "should" make you happy but you're following the desire of someone else and it doesn't truly make you happy?


The things that give you joy can be simple. They will be personal to your heart and no one else. (That's also kinda the point.)

For example, I really really enjoy colors. Colorful things give me intense joy. So, I like dying my hair! When I look at myself in the mirror every morning, I can't help but smile at my pink and purple curls. They are so fun!

I also really really love fresh flowers. The way they look, the way they smell, the way you can mix and match them to create beautifully artistic bouquets. So I have fresh flowers in my house all the time. I also really enjoy wearing them too. Flowers on-the-go, the Best!

Why does this work??

This is really the start of reprogramming your mind to follow your heart. To listen to what makes you feel good. Confidence is an inside job but many women spend so much time looking outside themselves for what will make them happy, what will boost their confidence, what will raise their self-esteem. It's all connected.

When you understand what makes you happy, you understand what makes you feel good.

When you elevate the feelings of happiness inside yourself, your self-confidence will follow because it also wants you to feel good!

You can set boundaries around yourself.

You tap back into yourself and listen to yourself.

Follow your happiness and feel comfortable being in that space and confidently return to that place because you now know what your feel good happiness is.

Get clear on your happiness!

Find your true joy without judgment.

Allow yourself permission to speak the truth about your happiness.

And Confidently show up to that truth every day!