Fake it till you make it DOESN'T WORK

I heard it over and over growing up

"If you don't feel confident, just fake it till you do."

So I tried it. For a long time.

I dressed like the fashion magazines told me to.

I tried to walk and talk like my favorite actresses.

I chose to study in school things that didn't make me happy because my family told me at least it would make me money.

Faked it.

Faked it.

Faked it.

But see, we are unique women.

That quote that says no one else can be you and that is your super power -

YEA that one's true.

Women have been programed to fake it to be something they aren't so they can experience self-confidence but - YO - if you're not being yourself, how can you experience SELF confidence??

Imagine how amazing it feels to stop faking it and feel good in your own skin.

Think about the joy you'll experience following what makes you happy (not what someone else tells you will make you happy.)

When you stop faking it, stop pretending to be someone you're not,

It's like coming home after a long days work and taking your bra off!

Every part of your body releases a HUGE sigh of relief and you can finally

Breath again.

Faking it is the ultimate absence of Fulfillment, and darlin', it's time you feel fulfilled.

You know how you can stop faking it??

Learn what makes you feel confident.

Make a plan to start living more aligned with what makes you feel confident


I know it sounds easier on paper but - it can be done.

You're ready to stop faking it and I've written a guidebook to teach you how to create internal self-confidence that you can start expressing in your everyday life. And best part - it's free!

Visit this page to Download your free guidebook and see how you finally, once and for all,

Stop Faking It xo

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