Find Your Utmost Values and Build with Them

~~~ What do you value most of all? ~~~

During class earlier this week my yoga teacher asked me to carry a single question throughout my practice.

"When you mind begins to wander, bring it back to this queston."

What do I value most of all?

The answers I received kept coming in waves of phrases and sentences.

I couldn't pinpoint what they were...they were concepts.

Mine were:

I value time freedom

I value creativity

I value uniqueness and expression

I value diversity and community

I value authenticity (realness!)

I value profits from work

I value giving to others

I value togetherness

I value intellect and wit

I value self-confidence (obvs, haha)

The goal here was to get specific.

So I've been sitting with this, having written all the things I value as concepts, ideas, things. They boiled down to these two things:


I believe in #togetherness and absolutely thrive in community. I see how connected we all are in this world. I believe our value as a whole is in the sum of it's part - each of us!

As a woman building my business on social media, it can be hard to continue living in my values as I now have more time to spend on social media. I'm realizing other people now have that same extra time to be online and may not carry these values, or even values that I align with.

I've come to realize that each of us gets to be honest about our values and live *with* them and *through* them on social media. I also am embracing the diversity of values in my community and surrounding myself with people and accounts that positively impact my mind, my business, and our community - online and off.

During this stay, we are spending more time building on social media.

Building Community. Building Business. We are building.

How can we make sure we are continuing to build from our values?

And surrounding ourselves (our SM accounts, our pages, our followers) with people who have positive values that they are also sharing?

It's okay to decide that a page, person, organization, no longer aligns with your values or that you no longer align with theirs, and release yourself from that connection.

You're not obligated to connect or follow anyone that doesn't not align with you.

As we spend more time on social media,

Respecting your mental space is important.

I believe all this can be cleared up through an evaluation of values.

Personal values and professional values.

Yours and Theirs.

(ps. My business has different values than I do!)

And adjust your social media pages to reflect.

Permission Granted!

If you know your personal // business values,

I'd love to hear them!

You can drop them in the comments or

Private message me.

If you're reading this, know that our values align,

And I'm grateful to have you as part of my community.

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