Perfection vs Self- Love - The Valentines Edition

When I was a teenager, I hated everything about myself.

Legit hated:

My curly hair. Being biracial. The way that I laughed. Being an artist AND a jock. How I had zero fashion sense. I even hated my name! So much that I (temporarily) changed it. (My mom still calls me out as Julia sometimes)

➡️➡️➡️ I spent So Much Time beating myself up for not fulfilling an image of perfection. Perfection being the opposite of everything I was. A version of myself that never existed for me to compare myself to.

🤯 Talk about the ultimate mind fuck! 🤯

This all changed the day my best friend and fiancé came home to shatter my entire world. I called off our wedding, hid away from the world, and couldn’t figure out who I was without this person.I laid in bed beating myself, calling myself names, feeling worthless, disposable, unloved, and unwanted. I said deplorable things to myself. Things I’d never say to anyone else in that situation. Things I cringe at remember as I write this today.About four weeks after, I hit myself hard:

You can believe all these nonsensical things


You can believe better things about yourself and this situation.

💞You can choose to believe you are worthy. 💞You are wanted. 💞You are loved. 💞Your life has meaning beyond this wedding. 💞And no one or thing can take that from you.

Little did I know that day would also heal a lot of self-hatred from my teenage years, allowing me to grow into the badass you meet today.


You are the person you spend the most time with.I don’t care if you’re married, dating, with kids - whatever. YOU spend 100% of your time with You.

How you talk to yourself matters. It’s affects every aspect of your life. It establishes your self-confidence. It ignites your progress. It magnetizes your energy.

Do you speak Confidently? Lovingly? Supportively? to yourself?

Or are you always talking shit to yourself? Hating on yourself? Judging who you are?

You get the final say of the story that plays in your head.

What is one self-defeating story you can once and for all turn into a self-loving story?

What a beautiful gift that would be!

Happy Galentines Day! Happy Valentines Day!

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