Reprogram Your Brain to Like Yourself

It's 100% okay to like yourself just the way that you are.

One of my favorite quotes is

"It's okay to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time."

Women have been told their entire life to change because we aren't supposed to accept that we are awesome just as we are.

Always be trying a new way of eating to keep your weight down.

Wear make-up to balance your complexion. Fake eye lashes everyday.

Choose the heels to make you taller and lift your butt.

Fashion magazines and influencers tell you the cool clothes to buy.

Control your emotions in public, you look weak.

Don't be too opinionated, you come off as a bitch.

All things that resonate with this ever-lingering concept to change for the sake of being attractive for and accepted by other people.

What if you decided to accept yourself just as you are right now?

(That's the masterpiece part.)

Does that mean you throw personal development out the window?


(This is the work in progress part)

Personal development is about making yourself more resilient.

It helps you develop a positive frame of mind to work from and gives you the tools you need when challenges arise.

These are tools that support you in this world so you aren't being dragged around, mentally or emotionally.

These are the tools that help you keep control of your thoughts so you can act from a place of confidence.

Wanting to better yourself doesn't have to come with a side of guilt or shame to change.

The changes you want to make can solely be for betterment of self without the obligation to feel bad about where you are in your life and who you are today.

The personal development you'll learn from The Confidence Column will help you nurture, expose, and expand your individuality and authenticity. Being confident is woven into knowing yourself and loving yourself in every stage of your evolution.

That means - liking yourself right now as you are.

It is an active reprogramming of how you think about yourself.

Are you thinking these thoughts because they align with what you truly want?

Or are you thinking them because you "should" or you're "supposed to"?

Usually you'll know which thoughts are which based on how you feel when you think them.

If what you "should" think makes you feel badly about yourself, you can shift this thought.

(This is the reprogramming part. Active participation from thought to thought.)

Follow the feeling and retrace your steps back to thoughts that feel less like obligation and more about accepting yourself for the brilliant woman you are.

Reprogramming anything isn't an instant activity. Remember to give yourself grace as you go through this process. Give yourself time and space to upgrade! Version You 2.0 is more confidence, accepting, and self-lovin' as ever.

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