The Truth About Being a Business Own*her

I really enjoy squashing this myth and I hope that more business own*hers will start talking about this truth because it's incredibly important for all of us:

When you take the leap to start-up, your business is up and running, shiny and selling, it doesn't all just become a perfect flow. We still deal with all the normal confidence crushing issues: self-doubt, burnout, imposter syndrome, it's all still there.

Having some semblance of success doesn't mean we don't experience these things, it means we've learned how not to let it stop us. We still have to have to deal, just on a different level. Because each level of success demands a different version of you to handle what shows up.

The beautiful part is that you are only given what you can handle but you'll never know the depth of your capabilities until you Start Taking Action.

If you think everything snaps into place once you get *there* (wherever *there* is for you,) you'll very likely find the struggle bus the second you reach the station.

If you haven't quite started and you keep looking at others who have, thinking it's a certain perfect way, it will make you feel like you can't move forward.

Progress & Success:

≠ never feeling doubt again

≠ everything perfectly aligns when you need it to

≠ flow is a constant state

They also ≠ never failing again.

Yes, of course you will. Failing is a part of succeeding.

What separates the businesses that are alive from the businesses that die is *how* you handle the confidence deficits that show up as you're working. Ignoring them, pushing them to the side, stuffing them down - these are all temporary solutions that can over short-lived relief.

I want you to have Long-Term solutions to anything that hinders your self-confidence and instill in it's place an unwavering belief in your success.

I know it can be hard to write comments when messages resonate so I'm gonna make this easy:

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I can't wait to connect with you! xo Amber

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