We fear judgement from other people because we are judgey

When you ask people why they haven't followed their dreams,

Top 5 on that list somewhere is:

Fear of what other people will say - aka - fear of being judged.

In a world where so many of us feel a fear of being judge by others, why do we then ourselves judge other people?

The vicious #cycleofjudgment.

Everyone has gotten so comfortable judging other people it's normalized wherever we go. We do it as a way to deflect from ourselves and turn focus away from ourselves.

But sometimes, you want attention.

Like when you are following a dream, starting a new endeavor, changing careers, making a presentation. You want attention that doesn't have judgment attached to it but, you know that because judging is so normalized in our society that other people will likely judge you.

How can we stop this endless cycle of judgement?

You guessed it - it starts with you!

It can be a little tricky because judging has become an acceptable action in many communities but it's a cycle that can absolutely be broken.

First, It starts with acknowledging what you're judging and how often you find yourself in a judgmental space.

Second, can you drop the judge and choose something different?

Do you ever stop to think how judgey you are? Even passing judgmental thoughts

-His car is old and crummy.

-That dress is cute. I'd wear it better than her.

-I don't like that hair cut.

Rechoose through compassion and respect

-His car is old cuz he's paying for his own PHD

-Let her wear the blue dress in peace.

-Let her rock the pixie cut with confidence.

We fear being judged yet spend time doing the exact thing we fear others doing to us.

So! - What if you just stopped doing it?


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