You Are Essential!

I know that the world has separated us into essential jobs and non-essential jobs for the next few weeks. Some of us are losing our jobs, establishments are closing, we are being forced into isolation.

We spend so much of our lives at work that we begin to Identify with our careers and our titles. When authority shows up to deem some essential and other non-essential, that can be a big blow when you're on the "no-thanks" side.

Yo - IDGAF what our government says - each and every one of you are essential to our world.

You Are Absolutely Essential!

- to yourself, your families, your communities.

I know some of you may be fearing the uncertainty of the future because of being laid off, not having work, wondering about housing - and I don't wanna minimize that realness. Those feels are hella valid and I honor that.

I also want you to know that we're going through it together. Because each of us is essential to this process. Especially YOU!

If you are struggling with self-worth right now, I want you to try this:

Go to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say

{Your Name} You are Essential!

Do it now.

Do it next time you wash your hands.

Do it every time you see a mirror.

Remind yourself of your essentiality.

If you have a spouse, go to them and say

LOVER! You are essential to me!

If you have kids, go to your kids and say

KIDDOS! You are essential to me and this family!

If you have friends you miss right now, call them and say

HOMEGIRL! You are essential to my life!

Spread this shit like wildfire.

It costs you absolutely nothing.

And I promise it will makes someone's day.

Even if that someone is just yourself.

My loves - You. Are. Essential.

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