You're Doing Amazing then BOOM! Imposter Syndrome

I was 24 years old when I left the restaurant industry and started my own business.

That sounds absolutely INSANE - eh??

I still had 2 years left in my degree program, I was living #paychecktopaycheck, and I relied so heavily on tips, I was afraid to ever have a sick day. My partner at the time also worked in the restaurant and hated #thegrind as much as I did. He told me he thought we could build something pretty awesome if we put our heads together and all I could think was:

"Something that pays me as much as I make it the restaurant?? No Way!!"

A month later, we started our own business

Working out of my living room

7 days a week, 10 hours a day.

I handled all the office, backend stuff. He handled the networking.

I remember the first week thinking every freaking day

"We are doing this. I AM DOING THIS!!"

and everyday I went to class.

After business hours I worked on analyzing research and writing papers and presentations.

I got minimal sleep, eat PB&J errday, and just reminded myself that all this hard work was gonna land me two things:

1. My next degree

2. Freedom with money and time rocking my own business.

We had a slow start and before I knew it, I started drowning in my own negative thoughts:

"Dude, what have I done?"

"I quit my job!! Will they hire me back?"

"If we fail, I'm gonna be so broke!"

The spirals go on and on.

I'm sure you've been here and can guess all the rest of the confidence crushing thoughts that ran through my brain.

Luckily, I couldn't quit.

I had a partner relying on me (this was a 2 person operation)

and despite being slow, we HAD BUSINESS! #insertimpostersyndrome

See, even though there was movement, I had all the doubts and fears of being a new business owner. This turned into comparing my income as a waitress to my income as a business owner - which I didn't even know how to properly compare or assess!! Here's the thing:

All that shit is in your mind.

And it only becomes your reality if you believe it and MAKE it your reality.

That living room business went on to be a seven figure organization over the next two year. We employed over 30 people, ended up getting a massive second story office (psst - I had the corner office,) and were top tier players in our industry at the time.

I used to sit in my corner office and think back on the days I sat on my couch working myself into a pit, obsessing over if I'd made the right decision to leave the restaurant...and years later, feet up on the desk, be able to chuckle to myself.

Silly two-years-ago Amber, haha.

I've learned to overcome these confidence crushers in my business and now it's time for me to show you how to do it for yourself. It's time to take back control of your mind, the stories you tell yourself about failing, and start speaking, acting, and showing up confidently!

Taking back this control can create massive shifts in your mental energy, allowing you to make empowered decisions that move your business forward.

Don't stay stuck on the couch! Keep moving towards that corner office!!

I've created a free three part guide you can use to overcome your imposter syndrome.

(Details on this guide in the video below.)

You can find snag your FREE copy >>>>>> here

Plus! Big News!!

I'm opening up space to help 8 women reclaim control of their mind, their thoughts, and their badass confidence, allowing you to see progress in your business and beyond!

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If you're ready to stop being the victim of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and comparison and start speaking, acting, and showing up confidently to claim your business success, fill out this application to schedule a call with me.

I'm excited to hear from you! Let's do this -

xoxo Amber

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