Your Confidence Requires Regular Maintenance

How old were you when you realized:

You have to *work on* your self-confidence?

That you have to be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Take time to be nice to yourself. Notice when judgment and comparison are happening. Embody your authenticity.

And like, all of that is work.

I know a lot of people will tell you that you can gain confidence through approval of others, the clothes you wear, etc etc, but honestly, only you can create your self-confidence and it *is* something you gotta work on.

But I believed for so many years that if I just did all these things, one day my self-confidence would show up. Like a magical gift on my doorstep that I could open and infuse myself with. I'd shout "Here is it!!" and all of a sudden become confident!

I was actually kinda shocked when I learned that:

You actually have to *work on* your confidence.

Your self-confidence is a journey, not a destination. And because it’s a journey, you gotta maintenance yourself so you don’t break down.

That’s right! Regular maintenance!

So -

When’s the last time your mental oil was changed?

How about that self-care wash & scrub?

Tank full of premium love or running on fumes?

It’s okay - I used to let my check engine light come on all the time too.

How about we take you in for some servicing?

The better you treat your car, the better able it will be to take you on this journey. In this instance, your car is YOU - your mindset, your actions, your behaviors, your belief in yourself. If all of this is running ragged, so if your self-confidence.

Unfortauntely, you're not a car. You can't just haul yourself off to the dump and pick a new car off the lot. You are too special and too precious and we need to get you cleaned up so you can start making cross country trips again!!

I decided to create a video series called Clean-Up Your Confidence!

I’m gonna teach you how to make creating your self-confidence a regular check that has you running better than you’ve ever run before!

The entire series is totally free and is dropping on November 2nd but if you wanna be the first to check it out, you can sign up for the waitlist and get first announcement when it's live.

Check it out here!!

I can't wait to help you get cleaned up and sparkling with soul-guided self-confidence!

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