Redesign your self-confidence with this personalized system! 

 without letting imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or self-doubt stop you 

No one bothered to teach you how to create self-esteem that makes you feel confident.

In fact, society spent a lot of time programming you to believe that you can't be confident because you haven't got everything you need to hold the title. 



That's why you doubt yourself.

That's why you're afraid to take chances.

That's why you're still struggling to actually feel confident


If you’re not sure how to create your confidence, express yourself confidently, or feel like you're wasting so much time looking to social media for external validation of how to be confident, than you're probably mentally and emotional exhausted! You already know living like that is not working to give you the self-confidence you desire.

You've read the personal development books that were supposed to give you more confidence. They helped for a little while but nothing really stuck. 

Your mind weaves in and out of loving and supporting yourself but when someone pops up to judge you, put you down, or make you feel like you're not doing enough, your confidence escapes you and you have a hard time standing up for yourself.

But you see so many women out here living their most brilliant lives as amazingly Confident Queens!! You know it's're just struggling to trying to figure out how.

What they forgot to teach you growing up is...

...SELF confidence means that you (your self) have all the answers of how to have confidence that looks and feels AMAZING to You. 

The world steady tells you that you have to

look a certain way

do certain things

buy certain stuff

before you're allowed to feel confident


It's all a bunch of bullshit to keep you feeling like crap, second-guessing yourself, and buying into the hype that you'll never be worthy of being confident...

Like you, and so many women, I struggled to feel confident because I never felt like I was enough. Every day of my life, I felt unfulfilledI kept looking outside myself, following what other women were doing, hoping something ANYTHING could make me feel confident enough to live my life in a way that made me feel happy.

Then, I realized that I was looking for answers to my self-confidence outside myself and - how can someone give me something that is supposed to resonate with ME. I knew that I had more answers that I was giving myself credit for.

You've been told to question everything you think and feel because you can't possibly have the answers. But when it comes to your self-confidence, no one else has BETTER answers than you. You've had them all along!! 


Just Imagine


You are creating confidence that looks and feels authentic to you. When you go out into the world, your confidence is right there with you - STRONG AF and unshakeable! Your confidence isn't held together with a band-aid. You're not faking it, you don't need someone else to give you permission. No, every day you are able to stand up for yourself! You look in the mirror and all you think is QUEEN! YES!! 

You can begin feeling like your most confident self without.....

Second-guessing yourself, feeling like it can't work for you, or that being confident will always escape you. 

Let me show you!

crown flower fields.jpg

You probably didn't know that being confident is a two-path process!

See - confidence isn't a singular entity that can be given to you.


Confidence is created inside your self and once it aligns with what you want and need, you begin to express it through your self and into the world.

The problem is that no one has bothered to show you how to connect to the confidence you want and need in order to create it. When you start trying to stand in your confidence, it feels inauthentic and weak.


One that shows you HOW to create YOUR confidence vs trying giving you tips and tricks to piece together confidence that feels nothing like you.


REPROGRAM YOUR CONFIDENCE is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Shows you the *how* of creating *your* confidence
2. Removes garbage programming about confidence creation
3. Helps you re-wire your thoughts and emotions around confidence
4. Gives you a processing framework for your confidence
5. Personalizes your confidence to feel genuine and authentic

If you're ready to stop Faking It and start truly embodying

Your Self Confidence


Here's how this program will help you get here:


Remove the outdated garbage programming and reinstall thoughts that actually support the new, improved, more confident you.


I'm gonna show you exactly how! 

A framework that you've never seen before that actually helps you create and express your personalized self-confidence!!







Light up every room you walk into! Have heads turning, people swooning, and You - shining bright like a diamond! Yes!


Soul-Guided Confidence

This is the unique process you've not learned before that is 100% going to change what you understand about confidence on a whole. You're no longer piecing together thoughts and feelings. You'll actually learn a framework that reconnects you back to yourself and gives you well-rounded and fulfilling self-confidence.

You will learn to:


  • Define your personalized confidence

  • A new approach to confidence creation that you've never experienced before

  • What it means and how to be soul-guided

  • A specialized framework for creating and expressing authentic self-confidence

Mindset & Self

Creating self-confidence is internal work that begins in the mind. Unfortunately, your mind is filled with garbage programming our society installed to keep you second-guessing yourself, not believing in yourself, and constantly looking outside yourself for answers. This module will help you make sustainable change in your mindset and how you perceive yourself. 


You will learn to:


  • Program your mind to cruise on auto-positive

  • Genuinely hear & listen to yourself without outside influences 

  • Clean-up outdated beliefs you have about confidence

  • Create a new (more confident) concept of Self

Managing Responses

Some of the biggest barriers to feeling consistently confident comes from the outside world messing with our inner peace. Those external confidence crushers are perfectionism, imposter syndrome, comparison, and judgment. You have your to-go responses that usually drag you down and make you feel like crap. Let's reprogram those responses and fuse them with confidence!


You will learn to:


  • Get unstuck from Perfectionism

  • Take control back from Imposter Syndrome

  • Break the Judgment cycle

  • Stop playing the comparison game

  • Use my signature THAT // THIS METHOD that can use instantaneously use whenever these confidence crusher start trippin' you up 

Action & Expression

This is the final part of developing soul-guided confidence. The part where you are walking the walk and talking the talk from every bit of self-esteem you've just brainstormed and created. More than just "how do I act confidently?" I am going to teach you how to protect your energy from people what would seek to rob you of the confidence you're living in.


You will learn to:


  • Get help creating and sticking to an action plan

  • Take fearless action towards being confident

  • Create healthy boundaries with friends & family

  • Strategies to protect yourself from energy predators

Commanding Confidence

After the first 4 modules, you'll understand the process to creating, expressing, and protecting your newly developed confidence. You're experiencing the shifts in your life you knew would come as you started feeling more confident. Your confident energy is boundless!! Now how do you start commanding it? Lemme show you


You will learn to:


  • Use each piece of this framework together to cultivate and produce powerful confidence

  • Manage magnetism and your gravitational energy

  • Communicate what your new needs are so you feel supported as a confident version of yourself

  • Make sure your confidence isn't harming other people

This isn't just about giving you more confidence. You'll absolutely get that but what you'll accomplish through this course is so much bigger than that!! 

It's called a reprogram, because you are literally clearing out years, decades, of old programming that bogs you down, not just in your confidence but in every day of your life!

What does it cost?


“Ok, ok, so how much is it?”

This is always the question I get antsy to ask too. 


One of my business values is accessibility.

I think *everyone* deserves to be able to clean out the garbage thinking that keeps them from showing up as their most confident self. Much of this work is actually maintenance. Like washing your body. Once you learn how to do it, you engage it consistently to make sure you get clean...and then STAY clean.


It's regular self-care. Just like that mani-pedi, or your massages, or that therapy trip to target. 

The difference between those expenses and this program is that, those things are fleeting. What you will learn in RYC will stay with you forever!

We all spend money on something. Something you spend your money on today could change you. Could uplifted your mental health. Could be the everything you needed to *finally* feel the way you wanna feel.

there is more

What is the other cool stuff included by enrolling in this live session of Reprogram Your Confidence?

Specialized workjournal

75 Page Workjournal

Specially created for Reprogram Your Confidence, this PDF workjournal is 75 page of additional information on your reprograming with space for written exercises, reflecting, and future planning.




Lifetime access to the Reprogram Your Confidence course - 5 module video library... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $2000)


Formulated Reprogram Your Confidence workbook - 75 pages of interactive brainstorming, reflection, and planning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $120)


Guided Meditation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $100)

TOTAL VALUE = ($2220)

Today's Price = $197

You've got a choice

I created this class because I was sick trying to piece together bits of confidence here and there only to be a grown ass women still questioning my worthiness. 

This program is your opportunity to cut the crap and get to truly understanding what confidence is, how you get it for yourself, and how you keep that shit up in a world tries to take it from you. 

So this is it! 
You wanna keep feeling like crap?
Being stuck behind your confidence crushers?

Wondering how different and blissful your life could be if you were the confident women you know you can be?


Is it time to educate yourself and start taking action towards CREATING your confident badass self?

The only way to predict the future is to create it.


So -  what's it gonna be, boo? 

Stop wasting your beautiful and precious life

You're tired of  feeling like crap about yourself and letting the world rob you of your confidence, and that will just keep going on and on and on unless you decide to make a change.



Lifetime access to the Reprogram Your Confidence course - 5 module video library... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $2000)


Formulated Reprogram Your Confidence workbook - 75 pages of interactive brainstorming, reflection, and planning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $120)


Guided Meditation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $100)


TOTAL VALUE = ($2,220)

Today's Price = $197

but Amber...

I have questions about whether Reprogram Your Confidence can actually help me...

Q. How is this class different than the confidence building books I've read?

A.  Books that try to help you build your self-confidence don't take into account that your confidence needs to be personalized to the beautiful uniqueness that is You. This framework is a personalized approach to creating and expressing your confidence that you can't get from a standard text book. 

Also, are you someone who buys a book, starts reading it, and then you either never finish it or don't actually implement the work from the book? 


I'll help keep you on track with your progress without pressure or judgment. Encouragement to keep going through the challenges so you can come out victorious! 

Q. Is there a journal or workbook for the class?

A. Yes! There is a specially formulated workbook that follows along with each module and lesson of the class. There are options of how to use it:
1. You can follow along and use your own journal or

2. You can actually print it and write directly inside of it! 

It's colorful and playful and specially made with the intention of making it your own.

Q. It sounds like a lot of work and the holidays are coming up...

A. There is always gonna be "something coming up." It could be the holidays, or your birthday, or kiddos soccer games, or Whatever! BUT I know you're busy, babe. In order to make it so that the time commitment is not overwhelming, most of the video lessons are 5-10 minutes so they are short and digestible. They won't keep you from attending the other things that are important to you.

Q. I'm scared of how having more confidence will change me...

A.  I feel you, boo. Stepping into unknowns is always a little scary, especially when we talk about shifting identities. You've been dreaming about begin a confident women for a long time...what happens when it *finally* comes true?! 

Part of accomplishing any dream means that things will change but don't worry!! There are multiple milestones in this program that address how to handle the changes you'll experience. Don't be scared, I got your back!! --- And you deserve to accomplish this dream :) 

Q. Will this program go on sale?

A.  $197 IS the sale price!! After the winter session ends, the price will go Up! Remember, this is an investment that will last you past today, tomorrow, and next year. So if you're on the fence, I'd encourage you act now so you can get it at this low af price - which you will never see again!!


I want to see you wearing your Confidence Crown, not being jealous of the confidence queens you see on tv. It is your time!!


Don't let your doubt and fear keep you from doing something for your mental and emotional health that will endlessly benefit your confidences. 


I want to make this an enthusiastic HELL YES decision for you because I know what it's like to feel like there is no other option in your life but you stay on the "feel-like-crap-about-myself" merry-go-round. 
You can keep riding that soul-sucking ride (which I do not recommend) OR!
You can make massive shifts in your self-confidence in just 3 months.
Surrounded by people who support you and cheer for your success!
You've been living that life for too long. 
You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin!
You deserve to have a brain full of naturally positive thoughts!
You deserve to be happy and vibrantly energetic!
You deserve to attract inspiring community and co-creators of awesome!
You deserve to live your truth and follow your dreams!

Wouldn't you agree?

Choose the plan that works best for you ~ 

Pay in full

Lifetime access to the Reprogram Your Confidence Signature Course - 5 video modules

The Reprogram Your Confidence Workjournal - exercises for self-discovery and realignment towards authenticity and self-esteem

Guided Meditation


Reprogram Your Confidence

Signature Course

Reprogram Your Confidence

+ 1:1 with Amber Rose


Everything in the Reprogram Your Confidence Signature course package


One 60 minute discovery call prior to starting the modules

3x 1:1 coaching calls throughout the program

Weekday Marco Polo access with Amber Rose through the program


Imagine it...

 3 month from now and you are radiating confidence! You're making powerful decisions, you're building your dreams with the respect of your peers and colleagues


Wouldn't she invevest in yourself?


Absolutely, yes she would!