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magnetic, powerful Confidence! 

Hello lovely!

I'm so excited to help you reconnect to your authentic self so you can expand your vibrant energy! You're done feeling low vibe, like an imposter in your own life. I'm calling you to claim your confidence!! *ring ring* Pick up the phone, sis! This class will teach you how to GO AFTER IT without letting self-doubt, imposter syndrome, judgment, or comparison stop you!

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What is the 


Finally get over your confidence crushing habits with this powerful new program. Using the expansive energy of the mandala I will help you begin shifting to more positive and supportive habits so that you can begin living more authentically, with a powerful, positive mindset.

Stop being controlled by thoughts of doubt, imposter syndrome, comparison, and judgment - The Confidence Mandala masterclass will give you step-by-step guidance in overcoming each of these.

Learn the simple action steps of taking that brick wall that is self-doubt and turn it into the strongest yellow brick road of your dreams, carrying you all the way to your emerald treasure chest of success! That's what this class is all about!

Imagine Yourself...

Discovering and fully embracing your authenticity

Creating vibrant energy and attracting positivity into your life

Being free of the self-deprecating, negative thoughts that stands between you and your most confident self

Clearly expressing your wants and desires with the confidence to boldly Get After It! 

I'm gonna show you exactly how! 

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signature course is a road map to making significant shifts in your thought processes. 

This isn't about never feeling self-doubt, or perfectionism, or comparison, or imposter syndrome. 

It's about being able to mentally and emotionally work through them whenever they arrive so you can Confidently

- make empowered decisions

- create your true passions

- choose love and respect

- enjoy the people around you

- and live your life with so much self-esteem!

Say HEY to the future you! 

The truth that no one wants to tell you: 

Confidence isn't something you can build. It's not something you can go out and find. Confidence is inside of you and has been since birth. Right now, what you're feeling is not a lack of confidence - it's a disconnection from your self-esteem. 

Doubt, Perfectionism, Comparison, Judgement, and Imposter Syndrome are merely obstacles that have been put in place between you and the self-confidence that resides inside of you. Learning how to overcome these obstacles will reconnect you with your self-esteem, allowing you to radiate that esteem and be the confident woman you've longing to be.


Hi! I'm Amber

I remember the day I got so fed up with trying to live my life to the standards of someone else. I was miserable. Back then, I didn't like my face, my body, or what I was doing with my life. None of it felt right compared to what I was "supposed" to be doing to feel smart, beautiful,  and worthy of love.

What a mind f*ck!

The truth was I was extremely disconnected from my self-confidence cuz I was so far removed from my own authenticity and what I wanted for myself out of this one sweet and precious life. 

I've spent the last decade of my life picking apart the confidence crushing habits our society has placed on women. The fact that you've found me and this page means that you've experienced (or are currently suffering under the pressure of) at least one of them, if not all of them. I'm here to tell you - 

You possess all the strength and power you need to get over each of these confidence crushers and this signature course is the road map to get you over the river and up the mountain!

Picture what your life would be like if: 

~ Your inner voice encouraged and empowered you through every situation

~ Your decisions weren't based on fear but on the BEST possible outcome for your life and your success

~ You controlled your thoughts (not the other way around) 

~ Your Imposter Syndrome was at level ZERO

~ You easily attracted positive people and experiences into your life, building a strong community of support and co-creation

~ You handled obstacles and challenges with strength, power, and confident grace

~ Everyone gave sparkling reviews about their experiences with you

You felt fearless speaking as your authentic self and claiming your success! 

Judgment Cycle (1).png
Judgment Cycle (1).png
Judgment Cycle (1).png
Judgment Cycle (1).png

Take a peek inside the program!

In just 7 weeks, we'll transform deep-seeded thought patterns by positively engaging and expanding through these 6 confidence crushing habits

The Mandala and Expansive Energy

Introduction Module


The mandala is gorgeous but that's not why I chose it as a framework for this class. In the introduction module, you'll learn about the expansive energy of the mandala and why it's the perfect energetic support system to assist you as you work through overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your innate confidence.


You will learn:


  • Why you want more confidence

  • How to use the Wheel of Emotion

  • The expansive power of the mandala

  • How to recognize contraction & expansion in your life, energy, and emotions

  • The Confidence Mandala framework  

Doubt >>> Empowered Decision-Making

Module One


Doubt can be really good at making you second-guess yourself. It can be louder than your desires and extremely convincing. In this module, you learn how to distinguish doubt/fear that may be helping you and the doubt that keeps you stuck, stalling, and fearing action like taking the next steps forward. By the end of this module, you'll know how to discern your doubt and make an empowered decision.


You will learn:


  • How doubt can mask itself inside the brain and body

  • Why, how, and when doubt is a good thing

  • How to shift your doubtful identity

  • Discovering what truly makes you happy

  • Making empowered decisions that follow your empowered new visions

Perfectionism >>> Creating Authentically

Module Two


Perfectionism is the greatest form of procrastination but did you know it has deeper implications into how you treat yourself and how you treat other people? In this module, you'll learn the different ways perfectionism controls you, puts you to shame, and then keeps you from taking action. By the end of this module, you'll have a clearer understanding of your values and begin to make time to create as a more aligned and confident self.               


You will learn:


  • The different types of perfectionism

  • What type of perfectionism specifically shows up to affect your life

  • Building personalized shame resilience

  • Cultivating authenticity

  • Making time to create from an authentic place (while leaving perfectionism at the door!) 

Comparison >>> Like & Re-Align

Module Three


Social media has us all playing The Comparison Game. You compare your body, your businesses, your success, your family, your everything against anything you happen to scroll by. In this module we'll talk about Comparison as a coping mechanism, why you play the game, and how to finally cash in your chips once and for all! By the end of this module, you'll spend more time hitting the Like button and more time re-aligning with our hopes, goals, and dreams.            


You will learn:


  • What social comparison is and how you use it as a coping mechanism

  • The first steps to stop playing The Comparsion Game

  • The different directions and effects of comparison

  • How comparison divides us 

  • The contingencies of self-esteem

Judgment >>> Re-choosing

Module Four


We live in a judgmental society, and because you're here, I know you are so done with being judged, judging yourself, and judging others. And may I say BRAVA! You have the power to stop the Judgement Cycle and by the end of this module, you'll understand what your judgment cycle is really trying to tell you, and how to re-choose a different emotion/reaction in the midst of a judgmental fit.             


You will learn:


  • How judgment can serve you or hurt you

  • The Judgment Cycle (and how to stop it)

  • Why we judge other people so excessively

  • Developing the courage to re-choose nonjudgment

Ego + Imposter Syndrome>>> Mediator

Module Five


Your ego just wants the outcome that is in your best interest (no matter who you're stepping on.) Imposter Syndrome (or more properly, the Imposters that live inside your head) want to keep you safe, tucked inside your comfort zone where you believe all you have it all you'll get cuz babe, are you sure you know the next best step??


It's okay to get advice from your ego and your imposters but it's not okay to let them map the course and drive the van. By the end of this module, the keys will be back in your hand and you'll have all the tools you need to confidently face ego and your imposters in any situation you face.           


You will learn:


  • How much your ego tries to control everything

  • The way imposter syndrome affects your mind, your actions, and your movement (or lack of) throughout your life

  • How much your progress is affected by allowing your ego and imposter syndrome to have control

  • Immediate action to take back that control

Disrespect >>> Esteem

Module Six


It's a hard truth but it must be recognized - 

You disrespect your authentic self when you enable the obstacles between you and your self-confidence. By the end of this module, and this program!, you'll be realigned, reconnected, and making best friends with your own self-esteem.


You will learn:


  • The Truth - that each of these obstacles to your confidence (doubt, perfectionism, comparison, judgment, your ego, and imposter syndrome,) all play a role in disrespecting you, your progress, and your potential success. 

  • Having gone through each modules, learning how to hurdle over each obstacle, now we get to re-connect with Self-Respect and Self-Esteem

In just 6 weeks, we'll transform deep-seeded thought patterns by positively engaging and expanding these 6 confidence crushing habits

What's Included? 

  • Overcome imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and the other confidence crushers with Lifetime Access to 10+ hours of masterful trainings with Amber Rose (Value $2000)

  • Get your questions answered and work through your personal situations with 6 live coaching calls - one each week to cover each module. These will include live Q & A (Value $1200)

  • Get private access and community support in our online group - where Amber Rose be hanging out, sharing regular daily goodness outside of the live coaching calls (Value $700)

  • Crush old habits and start establishing new ones with The Confidence Mandala - a toolbox of skills you can start using today (Valued at $380) 

  • A work journal of written activities you can work through over and over again with self-mastery worksheets - downloadable PDFs (Valued at $120)

  • Guided meditations - 7 recorded meditations for each section of the Mandala (Valued at $600)

    Add on personalized coaching! 1:1 Coaching option with Amber Rose (Valued at $597)


I want to make this an enthusiastic HELL YES decision for you because I know what it's like to feel like there is no other option in your life but you stay on the "feel-like-crap-about-myself" merry-go-round. 

You can keep riding that soul-sucking ride (which I do not recommend) OR!

You can make massive shifts in your self-confidence in just 7 weeks

Surrounded by people who support you and cheer for your success!

You've been living that life for too long. 

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin!

You deserve to have a brain full of naturally positive thoughts!

You deserve to be happy and vibrantly energetic!

You deserve to attract inspiring community and co-creators of awesome!

You deserve to live your truth and follow your dreams!

Wouldn't you agree?

And you can start with me today for as low as $59

Choose the plan that works best for you ~ 

The Confidence Mandala Signature Course

6 weekly payments

Lifetime access to The Confidence Mandala Signature Course - 7 video modules

7 live group coaching calls - includes Q&A

Lifetime access to private online community of amazing women

The Confidence Madala Work journal - exercises for self-discovery and realignment towards authenticity and self-esteem

7x Weekly Guided Meditations

Convenient payment plan


The Confidence Mandala Signature Course

Pay in full

Lifetime access to The Confidence Mandala Signature Course - 7 video modules

7 live group coaching calls - includes Q&A

Lifetime access to private online community of amazing women

The Confidence Madala Work journal - exercises for self-discovery and realignment towards authenticity and self-esteem

7x Weekly Guided Meditations

Save $ paying in full


The Confidence Mandala

+ 1:1 with Amber Rose


Everything in The Confidence Mandala Signture course package


One 60 minute discovery call prior to starting the modules

3x 1:1 coaching calls through the program



Imagine it...

 7 weeks from now and you are radiating confidence! You're making powerful decisions, you're building your dreams with the respect of your peers and colleagues


Wouldn't she invevest in yourself?

Absolutely, yes she would!